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Vacuum seam testing systems

The vacuum seam test system consists of highly transparent and stable test bells, which are available in diffrent shapesand sizes, with a vacuum manomter. The ventilation is integrated in one of the two handy grips. This valve ensures quick reduction of the vacuum.

By means of the shown standard test bells, you can test all places that can usually be found in receptables or in seal. Because of the extraordinarily elsatic packing, a testing of rectangular areas is also possible in case of certain deviations from squareness. Testing is neither impeded by a minor uneveness of the edges. In such casese, the test bell must be pressed harder to build up a vacuum.

If the geometry of the area to be tested in considerably different to a rectangualr one, testing is possible by using special test bells. In order to make such specific test bells, we need a drawing or detailed information about the shape of the area to bes tested.

To generate the vacuum a dry-running compressor or a vacuum pump with a vacuum connection and vacuum Stutzenset control valve is used. The compressor or the vacuum pump is connected with a 10m long fabric-reinforced PVC hose bayonet coupling and quick coupling on the respective test bell.

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